5 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Our world may not always be easy to live in, but where focus goes, energy flows. We must shift our focus to what we have control of and trust that God will take care of the things that are beyond our control. Each day is a gift and opportunity to positively impact the lives of our neighbors, communities and world. We cannot be wholly devoted to serving others and fulfilling our purpose if we continue to deprive ourselves of self love and care.

I have personally found Mindfulness Meditation to be a great way to slow life down. I find that it enables me to identify and take ownership in the things I have control of. In addition to taking back control, it has also allowed me to alleviate the anxiety I once experienced due to feeling like I was loosing control. I now prioritize and disperse my energy appropriately, without completely depleting my tank.

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of mindfulness meditation, you must first have an understanding of how your body responds to stress. Stress increases your cortisol levels and negatively impacts your health and wellbeing. Cortisol is generally associated with weight gain and viewed negatively. However, cortisol itself, isn't the problem. The problem stems from our habitual bad habits that cause our bodies to produce "Too Much" Cortisol.

Cortisol is the body's main stress hormone. It helps fuel the body's fight-or-flight and has the ability to impact the body in a number of ways. Too much cortisol can derail the body's most vital functions ultimately causing health problems. Depression, anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, weight gain and/or problems with digestion are just a few health problems caused by having produced too much cortisol.

If you are suffering from any of these health problems, I encourage you read my How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation post. I created this post to help guide you and equip you with the tools to be successful while implementing a practice that is sure to enhance your quality of life, into your current routine.

The more consistent you are with your practice, the more it will positively impact the many facets of your life. My hope is that you will experience a positive chain reaction similar to what I have experienced. I began mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and control my anxiety. I have since become more self-aware and in tune with my body. My practice has since evolved into a pain management routine with a focus on better sleep and increased energy.

The beauty in meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere. I believe in beginning where you are and simply doing what you can, with what you have. Show yourself grace along the way and allow yourself to be in the moment. This you have control of ;)



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